Beer Releases & Full Tap Lineup

Exciting news! We have two new beers and one re-release on tap at our Redding Taphouse!

First up is our re-release of the Cutthroat Red IPA. This beer is named after the Cutthroat Trout because of its deep red hue. Much like our Hexagenia IPA, Cutthroat has a bold hop profile, however, it is complemented by a strong malt backbone. With this beer, you get the best of both worlds, both hoppy and malty!

As for the new releases, we have an ESB- Extra Special Bitter and a timely, Irish Coffee Cream Stout.

The ESB– Extra Special Bitter is an English style ale that has a bit of a misleading name as it is not a bitter beer. It has a well rounded malty base boasting bread, biscuit and light caramel. The hop profile is mild and complimenting, aiding in counteracting the sweet base. It’s the perfect beer to enjoy when you’re hoping to have more than one.

Irish Coffee Cream Stout is infused with delicious cold coffee extract from Redding’s local Scout Coffee. This nitrogenated beauty tastes like Baileys Irish Cream and coffee or as some have described, like an Irish car bomb cocktail. It finishes sweet and frothy and goes down smooth.

The Full Tap Lineup
NorCal Blonde Ale
Pacific Crest Pale Ale
Hexagenia IPA
Kilty Pleasure Scotch Ale
Widowmaker DIPA
Colossus Stout
Irish Cream Stout
Hat Creek Hefe
Cutthroat Red IPA
ESB-Extra Special Bitter