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At Fall River Brewing Company, we create hand crafted ales and lagers. We brew our beer on a 15 barrel system and each pint is specially handcrafted for you. We hope you enjoy our beer as much as we enjoy brewing it for you. Cheers!

Year-Round Beers

NorCal Blonde Ale

ABV 5.1% IBU 22

NorCal Blonde is a light, straw-colored ale with a very crisp finish. It has a subtle hop profile with little bitterness and virtually no hop aroma. This is an ale that was brewed with the first time microbrew drinker in mind.

Pacific Crest Pale Ale

ABV 5.4% IBU 45

not currently available

This big American pale ale pours with a rich copper hue. There is an intense citrus and pine aroma with a clean finish. Unlike our IPA, this ale is well balanced with malty sweetness to offset the hop bitterness and aroma.

Hexagenia IPA

ABV 7.1% IBU 68

This IPA is named after the Hexagenia mayfly hatch (the largest in North America) that occurs every year during the summer months on the Fall River. Our bold IPA uses a blend of five different hops to create a shifting sensation of hop flavor and aroma. Late kettle hop additions make this a very hop-flavored and aromatic IPA.

Kilty Pleasure Scotch Ale

ABV 5.0% IBU 20

This Scottish ale has a smooth complex malty body derived from English pale malt, roasted wheat, and crystal malts with just a touch of hops for balance. This ale pours a deep ruby color, has a sweet malty nose with layered plum and raisin notes.

Pittville Porter

ABV 6.0% IBU 40

This is a robust porter with flavors of chocolate, coffee beans, and cream. We add just the right amount of hop bitterness to compliment the sweet malt character.

Widowmaker Double IPA

ABV 10.2% IBU 100+

Our Double IPA is designed with the hop-head in mind. This beer is not only loaded with late kettle additions, but is also dry hopped many times after fermentation making it very aromatic. Clean, crisp, and easy to drink this Double IPA packs a punch with 10% ABV.

Rotating Beers

Hat Creek Hefeweizen

ABV 5% IBU 18

This American Hefeweizen is a lighter beer that has well balanced notes of sweet malt and citrus flavors. Served in the traditional fashion, this beer is unfiltered and cloudy. Pair a pint with an orange slice for a refreshing combination. At only 5% ABV, this beer is very sessionable.

Dry Creek Copperbock

ABV 7% IBU 29

Copperbock is a treat for those seeking a premium lager. This beer drinks like a smooth domestic lager, but lacks the astringent taste of cheaper adjuncts such as rice. Boasting 7% ABV and 29 IBU’s, this beer is subtle but unique.

Cutthroat Trout Red IPA

ABV 8.2% IBU 77

This beer is named after the Cutthroat trout because of its deep red hue. Much like our Hexagenia IPA, Cutthroat has a bold hop profile, however, it is complemented by a strong malt backbone. With this beer, you get the best of both worlds, both hoppy and malty.

Hoppy Mother Frogger Double IPA

ABV 8.2% IBU 88

Hoppy Mother Frogger received its name from our seasonal “employee”, a bullfrog, that lives under our boiler. This imperial IPA was brewed in his honor. It is brewed with a lighter malt backbone and flaked corn to add a clean, crisp flavor. Then we added 100% Equinox hops to round out the unique bitterness and aroma.

Colossus Imperial Stout

ABV 13% IBU 35

Just like the name implies, this beer is big, thick and rich. Dark malts are layered throughout the body followed by a rich espresso blend on the finish provided by local Scout Coffee Roasters. At 13% ABV, this beer is a delicious sipping treat. Enjoy!

Lip RIPA – Triple Rye IPA

ABV 13% IBU 180

A hop heads dream! This beer explodes with huge notes of passionfruit and pineapple and has very little malt sweetness. It finishes with a slight peppery flavor which is derived from the rye. Although a very hoppy beer, it is not bitter and dangerously drinkable.

ESB – Extra Special Bitter

ABV 4.1% IBU 45

Our ESB or Extra Special Bitter is an English style ale that has a bit of a misleading name as it is not a bitter beer. It has a well rounded malty base boasting bread, biscuit and light caramel. The hop profile is mild and complimenting and only aides in counteracting the sweet base. It’s the perfect beer to enjoy when you’re hoping to have more than one.

Irish Coffee Cream Stout

ABV 6.6% IBU 45

Irish Coffee Cream Stout is infused with cold coffee extract from a local Redding coffee company, Theory Collaborative, formerly Scout Coffee. This beauty tastes like Baileys Irish cream and coffee or as some have described, like an Irish car bomb cocktail. It finishes sweet and frothy and goes down smooth.

Hoppy Camper – India Pale Lager

6% ABV 55 IBU’s

Hoppy Camper is an India Pale Lager that showcases old school danky hoppyness, but drinks smooth and crisp with the specially selected yeast strain we use to ferment this summer seasonal. It’s light enough to enjoy a few around the campfire, but just strong enough to remind you it’s a well made craft beer.

Masterpiece Series

Abbott’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine

ABV 9.8% IBU 50

Abbott’s Reserve was brewed in collaboration with John Abbott, a local homebrewer who won our co-sponsored homebrew contest during Redding Beer Week 2014.This Barleywine has a very well rounded character of caramel and dark roasted malts with an exquisite flavor of vanilla and bourbon from the barrel. Aged for 10 months in Heaven Hills bourbon barrels, this beer is a decadent sipper.

Oud Bruin Northwest Style American Wild Ale

ABV 6%  IBU 8

not currently available

IBU Oud Bruin is a sour ale that was inoculated with lactobacillus and brettanomyces. Aged for 24 months in Petit Verdot barrels, this beer has a beautiful wine-like character and boasts natural fruity flavors with a tart finish. The luscious flavor of the extended aging on the oak leaves a delicious vanilla and caramel flavor and aroma to round out the beer.

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