Meet the Team – Brent, Distribution and Taphouse Manager


Brent Hawkins

I love being from a small town! There is just something about it.  People enjoy the little things; it’s just a slower pace of life. I was born and raised here in good ol’ Fall River Mills, California and I have always had great pride in being from this area.

I have been in the service/hospitality business for over 12 years and I genuinely enjoy it! After attending college and playing football at Shasta College, I got a job at a Redding restaurant and started as a busser but quickly moved up to becoming a bartender. That’s where I discovered . . . myself. I was able to breakout as the quiet, shy kid, and feel comfortable in my own skin. I learned to approach people I didn’t know and talk to them, and I realized there are a lot of great people out there in the world.

While bartending, I loved how I  could put a little of this and a little of that in a cocktail and watch someone light up with enjoyment and how something so small could do something so awesome. That’s how my love for brewing began. John bought a brew magic (brewing machine) and taught me how to brew this wonderful brew. Seeing how “A little of this and a little of that” could create a beautiful thing, I was hooked on brewing. I never really enjoyed beer like Bud or Coors, but there is just something about a microbrew. You can appreciate what the brewer tried to do with the ale, whether you like it or not. My favorite beer style, without a doubt, is IPA and Double IPA’s. I love the aroma and the “smack you in the dome blast of hops–it’s a beautiful thing!”

I have really enjoyed being part of the Fall River Brewing Company and fortunately enough, I was able to see it start from the very, very beginning! When John brought up the idea of opening a brewery, I was all about it. “Just being able to work with my best friend of 30 years, how could I go wrong?” I get to go out and talk to new and interesting people and let them try our product, while creating relationships with vendors and staff at each establishment. I also get to drink and sample great beer! (We call it quality control.) I can’t wait for the tap house to open as well.  I will be managing it, and we are going to have a blast sharing our new ales with you, the customers, and soon to be friends.

I am so excited for the future of the FRBC, and what the future has in store. It’s so awesome to see something good like this come to our area.  We have been able to accomplish so much in just a short amount of time and it makes me so excited about the future of this company! I am so honored to be working with and for my best friend John and his wife Amanda Hutchings. Perry and April Thompson have been great and helped make this such a great team.  Add the unbelievable talents of Clay Brackley or “Brewmaster Clay” as he is best known, and the common phrase of  “ The sky is the Limit” becomes real. With our brews and the FRBC Crew, I really think that saying was written about us!