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John & Amanda Hutchings

John grew up in the Fall River Valley and was the visionary for Fall River Brewing Company. As an estimator and project manager for several large construction companies, John learned much about business management, planning, costing, and project execution. After finding a passion for home brewing, each of these skills has played a large part in the company’s continued growth and success. Once he gets a hold of new and intriguing information, you better believe he won’t forget it! John loves hunting, fishing, and golfing. John’s favorite beer is Hexagenia IPA.

As a Nevada native, Amanda grew up on a cattle ranch where she learned a lot about hard work and doing what’s right even if no one is watching. Amanda heads up bookkeeping and marketing in addition to managing all our charitable giving. She also thoroughly enjoys her day job of working for a local nonprofit organization. In her free time (yeah – does it sound like she has much of that?), Amanda likes spending time with family and friends, traveling, and working outdoors. Hat Creek Hefeweizen is Amanda’s favorite beer.

Brewery Team

Colton McCay

Brew Master

Colton grew up around the Redding area and as spent time living in Alaska, North Carolina, and Maryland. In Maryland, Colton worked as a brewer for Flying Dog Brewery. When Colton isn’t working he loves hanging out with his dogs, golfing, and traveling with his wife to different breweries. Colton’s favorite Fall River beer is Hexagenia IPA.


Brandon was born and raised in Fall River Mills. In his spare time, Brandon is one active dude! He likes bodybuilding, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and enjoying anything to do with the great outdoors. Brandon’s favorite Fall River beer is Hexagenia IPA.

Cellar Manager

Naiche grew up in the Grass Valley area and has traveled and worked in many places around the the country. Former greenskeeper now about to become cellarmaster! Naiche is a top-notch golfer who has always wanted to be part of a brewery since he began homebrewing over 20 years ago. He enjoys good golf and even better beer. “Hit it long and drink til it’s gone.” Both make a great pairing for a happy life and that’s why you will always see him smiling. Naiche’s favorite beer is his own special blend of Hexmaker – ½ Hexagenia IPA and ½ Widowmaker Double IPA.

Taphouse Team


Ben was born and raised in rural Etna, Ca. where he developed his love for nature and backpacking. Shortly after high school he met and married the love of his life.  He and his wife decided to make Redding their home 15 years ago and have 2 awesome kids. Ben spends his free time traveling, running, backpacking, golfing, snowboarding and raising his kids.  Ben’s favorite beer of all time is Hexagenia IPA.

Taphouse Manager

Brent grew up in the Fall River Valley and has been close friends with John since they were very young. Brent loves to hunt, fish, golf, and spend time with his dogs. He’s been part of the company since the early stages of brewing in the garage. When the company was first starting, he and John would often take turns brewing throughout the week to keep up with local demand. He has more than a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry and is well known by many of our customers. Don’t let the big guy scare ya, he’s really a softy! Hexagenia IPA is Brent’s favorite beer.

Taphouse Staff

Emily was born and raised in Montana, and after moving to Istanbul and then Denver, she ended up in Redding in 2008. After nearly a decade in the world of architecture, she’s decided to throw herself off the metaphorical cliff to figure out her true passion in life. She enjoys travel, backpacking, ballet and playing outside. As a long time FRBC patron on the ‘other’ side of the bar, she’s excited to be pouring at her favorite taphouse in town. Her go-to beer in the lineup is the Hexagenia IPA.

Taphouse Staff

Jenn is a Fall River area local as she grew up in Willits and Big Valley. She then moved from the area to attend Chico State University where she received her degree in Business Administration. She has two brothers and a crazy jack Russell/fox terrier that she stole from her mom… shhhh don’t tell anyone. Jenn recently returned to the Redding area after teaching English and backpacking through Thailand for 10 months. She enjoys hiking, running, exploring, cooking, reading, soccer and a real good laugh. She is an avid San Francisco Giants fan and her favorite Fall River beer is the Copperbock.

Taphouse Staff

Mark was born and raised just outside of Redding in Palo Cedro, CA. He comes from a big family with five siblings. In his early adulthood, he has lived all over the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego and all the way to Boulder, CO. Mark decided Redding needed to be graced with his presence again as he moved back to attend biomedical engineering school at a local university. Mark loves fly fishing in our beautiful local rivers and lakes and rock climbing. His favorite Fall River beer is Hexagenia IPA.

Taphouse Staff

Marki was born and raised in Redding. After high school, she attended San Diego State University where she received her degree in Health Sciences. She then set out for an adventure in Southern Utah where she explored all of the amazing outdoor activities. She has since moved back to Redding to attend nursing school. She loves running, hiking, spending time at the beach and traveling. She is a huge college football fan and loves to support the Boise State Broncos! Marki’s favorite Fall River beer is the Nor Cal Blonde.


Tyler has grown up in and spent his whole life in Redding, graduating from Enterprise High School. He was raised with a love for fishing and the outdoors and enjoys traveling around our beautiful region. He is known to go on spur-of-the-moment, crazy long road trips, stopping at breweries along the way and sleeping in his car if need be. Tyler has a strong passion for photography and finds it to be a great escape. His favorite Fall River beer is Widowmaker Double IPA.